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Your Path to Recovery and Overall Well-Being An individualized, integrated approach with connection and accountability

Couve Collective is dedicated to fostering long-term wellness and restoring joy and balance to all who join our community. We offer a range of opportunities designed to support individuals working to overcome barriers and establishing themselves in a life full of hope and purpose. We work to find the catalyst by meeting them where they are at. Community with personal relationships are essential to motivating change and time builds trust.

Membership Details

Couve Collective is an emerging member of the Recovery Café Network.  Recovery Cafés are not drop-in centers; every person in the space is either a one-time guest or an active Member of the Recovery Café community. Membership at Couve Collective is free and open to individuals over the age of 18.  Children and minors are only permitted in the café when accompanied by their parent or legal guardian. 

Membership requires accountability to three commitments:

  • Be drug and alcohol-free on-premises.
  • Attend a weekly circle (at the same time each week) to build a community of accountability.
  • Give back by participating in the café community - including engaging in activities, helping with keeping the space clean, and supporting fellow members as appropriate.
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Nurturing Serenity and Purpose

Maintaining a calm, comfortable, and positive environment is essential for our members to rebuild their self-image and discover a life of joy. We support all paths to recovery and aim to be a valuable resource for individuals and families seeking personal growth leading towards a purposeful life.

Offered Opportunities

Our offerings include peer-led recovery circles, providing a space for connection and support. Additionally, we provide space for engaging in board games, activities, expressive arts, and more. Wellness coaches are available to offer support, direction, and guidance in a casual yet restorative atmosphere.

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Explore Couve Collective and our commitment to restoring joy and balance to our community. We invite you to explore and discover how you can be a part of our supportive and inclusive community.