About Us

Couve Collective offers people in recovery and their support system avenues to engage in activities specialized for building life skills and a solid foundation for living. Staff and wellness coaches understand the importance of long-term support, adjusting courses when needed, and practicing healthy boundaries, which is modeled and guided in all aspects of our community. We build hope; we see humans stuck in a prison of their own making with bars of shame, guilt, and helplessness. We work to inspire change while building community.

Building trust with people – especially if you live on the streets – can be so difficult.  So being (someone) people can trust really makes me feel honored and grateful. 


The Columbian, January 16, 2024

You show up for us and we will 100% show up for you.


Real Talk

Our Staff

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Executive Director

Karen, a retired Boeing Sr. Finance Manager became interested in helping people suffering from addiction and their loved ones. through personal family experience. Karen holds a Masters degree in Addiction Counseling and an MBA.

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Outreach Director

Felicia holds a Masters degree in Mental Health Counseling. She works from a person-centered approach, with training in cognitive skill based recovery and desires to work with clients towards feeling authentic, secure and confident in living a self-directed life.



Operations Director

Kyle has a background in medicine, public health, and substance abuse treatment. He is in long-term recovery and has first-hand knowledge of the consequences of this nation's opioid crisis on young people, their families, and communities as a whole. He attended Saint Louis University, where he studied biology and philosophy.

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SAGA Coordinator

Christa has experience with individuals in need of emotional and cognitive support. She is pursuing licensing in addiction counseling and has worked as an employment specialist for those with cognitive disabilities. Christa holds a BA in Psychology and a BS in Criminology and is certified in Victimology.

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Administrative Assistant

Rosemary has experience with helping women connect with their kids and build their independence.

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Wellness Coach

Linda has experience with helping people find their motivation and gain traction in their goals.

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Floor Lead

Robert is in long-term recovery and shares his experience while engaging individuals who enter the center.



Room For Change

Tom is originally from Portland but prefers the city of Vancouver! He helps empower our memebers with the Room For Change program.