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What is SAGA? An individualized, integrated approach with connection and accountability.

SAGA is a 3-phase initiative focusing on building the skills needed to live a full and healthy life. Throughout SAGA we focus on our 4 pillars of Security, Connecting to others, Wellness, and Building-self.

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Who can benefit from saga?

SAGA is for anyone who is feeling stuck in life or is generally looking for a change. The curriculum is designed to help individuals access a new set of skills to use in their day-to-day lives. SAGA will only work as well as you want it to, so come in ready to grow!

SAGA is not a good fit for individuals in active crisis or under 18 years of age.

What makes SAGA different?

SAGA understands that everyone has a different learning style and implements hands-on activities into every session. Some activities are done off-site (transportation provided) and allow individuals to learn by doing. As an addition to the SAGA groups, individuals also have the opportunity to meet with a wellness coach weekly.

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I have noticed that my desire to better myself has improved each week I participate. And I really look forward to the time I spend bonding with fellow saga participants.

Gina S.

Change is real with SAGA.” “Saga has given me more confidence in situations that I thought I could not handle... I have boundaries and I’m not afraid to use them!

Rosemary M.

SAGA helped me focus on things I could change while helping me sharpen skills I already possessed.

Danny S.

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SAGA Enrollment Process

1. Contact the SAGA Coordinator at 503-568-1532 or come in to set up a time for an assessment for placement into the SAGA program. At this time, you will be asked to fill out enrollment paperwork as well.

2. Depending on current availability, you may be placed into Pre-SAGA which meets bi-weekly and allows individuals to build rapport with the SAGA facilitators and other participants through engaging and exciting activities.

Each phase of SAGA is 3 months in duration, and the individual will be expected to come to the group once per week (2.5 hours) and meet weekly with a SAGA wellness coach.

Curriculum of Change

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    Phase 1: Stability

    Focused on a solid foundation of security based around an individuals strengths.

  • A circular icon with arrows and an image of a gear.

    Phase 2: Consistency

    Working to have a schedule and move into actionable, sustainable change.

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    Phase 3: Application

    Tools for building a self-directed living.

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    Alumni: Resources

    Housing, Legal, Employment, Budget, Rentwell, LEC as well as community partners.

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