Heal Collectively

The Couve Collective is designed with long term recovery in mind. From the start, we have embraced a mission of restoring joy and balance to all who join our community. Who better to know what people in recovery need than those who are walking that path? We offer opportunities for peer-led recovery circles and space for connection around board games, activities, expressive arts and more. Peer Support Specialists are on hand to provide support, direction and guidance for individuals in a casual, yet restorative, atmosphere. It is hoped that by maintaining a calm, comfortable, positive environment, members can begin to re-build their self-image as a person in recovery and discover a life of joy and purpose. Couve Collective supports all paths to recovery and strives to be a resource for individuals and families who are seeking to find healthy solutions for living a fulfilled life.

Membership is free, and open to all.

Requirements to maintain one's membership:

  • Be drug and alcohol free for 24 hours before entering the facility
  • Attend your Recovery Circle each week
  • Give back by participating in CafĂ© chores (cleaning, serving meals, etc.)