Couve Collective works to improve the eight dimensions of wellness- emotional, environmental, financial, intellectual, occupational, physical, social, and spiritual- in peoples lives.

Big Book Study

every Wednesday 7pm

An in-depth look at the primary text of Alcoholics Anonymous ™. We go through the book passage by passage on a weekly basis and collectively gain insight.

(Re) Frame your Relationships

every Saturday at 3pm

Working on a new perspective within interpersonal relationships. Gain skills to place boundaries, define personal values, and work to gain an understanding of effective communication. This is an 8-week lesson that can be completed in any order to gain the skills and perspective shift. We work to gain a collective understanding of personal relationships.

Dual Recovery Anonymous

every Thursday at Noon

Dual Recovery Anonymous ™ is a 12 Step self-help program that explores the impact of mental health and substance use.

There are only two requirements for membership:

  • A desire to stop using alcohol or other intoxicating drugs
  • A desire to manage our emotional or psychiatric symptomatology in a healthy and effective way

Recovery Circles

every Tuesday at 11am

every Thursday 11am and 7pm

every Friday at 3pm (Females only)

every Saturday at 7pm

At Couve Collective, we believe everyone is recovering from something – perhaps mental health, living unhoused, trauma, grief, or substance use. Recovery Circles are small groups of 6-12 people who meet weekly for one hour to check-in, share the highs and lows of their recovery journey, hold one another lovingly accountable, and share resources. Recovery Circle attendance is one of Recovery Cafés core requirements for membership. Each circle is led by a peer facilitator.

DBT Group

every Tuesday 5pm

DBT will teach you skills to gain a new perspective on being mindful and working to build healthy skills in emotional regulation, distress tolerance, and interpersonal effectiveness. Having trained for years and practiced in group settings the skills will be explained in a foundational way and built upon the prior skills. The goal is to be effective in making the ideas cohesive.

Indoor Play-Park

every Friday 10am - 1pm

The Parents will provide all personal supplies (i.e., diapers, wipes, snacks, water, etc). Children ages 0-5 are welcome at Couve Collective Inside Play-Park (CCIPP). Parents are responsible for their children at all times, this is not a drop off. Parents must remain on the premises with their children. Under no circumstances are children to be left unattended.

ages 0-5 years w/ parents (no dropoff)

Game On

every Thursday 5:30pm

every Friday at 5:30pm

every Saturday at 5:30pm

Accumulate positive experiences by participating in our activities. We have board games, trivia, Jackbox, Karaoke, Open Mic, Creative Expressions. Some activities may start earlier if needed. We will have them listed on our calendar and on Facebook. Sign-in sheets will be on the front desk but are not mandatory. We also plan on having monthly tournaments and competing to gain the most recovery coins and be listed on the trophy as well as getting a prize.

Creative Expressions

every Thursday at 6:00pm

Promote connectedness and emotional processing through varying creative projects. Facilitator brings pre-planned activities that will engage your senses and leave you with a meaningful creation to utilize in various ways. They can be gifts, decorations, or anchors for your recovery. The facilitator has been utilizing creative expressions in their recovery and would love to help you in your own journey.


every Saturday at 8:15pm

Center yourself in a guided meditation and find your breath. In a peaceful setting with like minded individuals and candles to aid your focus. The facilitator will have varying meditations as a way to end your week and relax. Meditation is a tool for recovering from anything life throws in your way and can be a cornerstone in the foundation of the new you.